Global Enterprise Solutions

Our Solutions help your Enterprise Innovate, Grow and become Smarter…

Algomatik has designed a diverse range of Global Enterprise Solutions for small to large corporations in fields of Supply Chain Management, Customer Support and Human Resource Management. As pioneer in the industry, Algomatik knows firsthand, which combination of our proven services, processes and technologies best will serve a client’s specific needs.

Our consultants take time to understand your particular Enterprise objectives. They work with you to develop an individually tailored plan to help you in managing productivity and proficiency at Enterprise level.

Our Featured Solutions

  • Comprehensive integration of infrastructure based on carrier grade approach
  • Dedicated solution for Porta Billing, Porta SIP/UM and Porta Web API
  • Comprehensive solution for complete Porta Mobile Applications Integration
  • Complete customized billing with Asterisks and Open SIP
  • Dedicated solution for Free Switch
  • Call Conferencing Solutions
  • Mobile banking solution on BlackBerry
  • Money Transferring Solution via Western Union Online
  • Enterprise solutions for NFC and RFID systems
  • Health Care Management Systems
  • E-Government / i-Goverment Systems