Google TV Application Development

We have the perfect solution for getting your local and online media on your TV….

The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in demand for smart applications. Smart TV application has also become popular all around the world.In USA only,millions of home based users have already prescribed to smart TV Apps and watch their favorite TV programs on daily basis on these modern Smart TV apps.

Algomatik offers a wide range of Google TV application solutions in USA and other areas and has gained valuable recognition for bringing one of the best Smart TV experiences to millions of homes in USA.Google TV app by Algomatik automatically integrates with existing cable or TV services and provides extensive services with wide coverage of channels. It lets you watch over 100,000 movies and TV episodes on demand along with hundreds of YouTube Channels as you like.

Our featured Google TV applications are developed on comprehensively designed Quality process to fulfill customer requirements. The process includes:
• Initial Project findings and planning
• Comprehensive Wireframes & Visual Designing
• Complete User Interface /UX Designing
• Google TV Application Development & Implementation
• Quality Assurance with step by step approach
• Google Play Store subscription for inclusion of App on Google TV store
• Continued Support & Maintenance